FAQ - Buying

Questions about buying.

Question 1 : How do I buy from you?

Answer : You can email (or message) to us your order and we will reply to you whether the product is available and how much is the total order. Then you can come over to our shop to pick up the goods and make payment during collection. If you are located out-station, we can also add in the courier or transport charges. After you have made payment, we will send or deliver accordingly.


Question 2 : How do I make payment?

Answer : You can transfer online your payment to us. Or if you wish to pay by cheque, you can bank in the cheque into our company bank account. For any payment done, please send us the payment details. Sorry, we do not accept debit or credit card payment! Neither do e-wallet payments.


Question 3 : Can I come over and see your products first before buying?

Answer : Yes, you are welcome to come to our shop to check (see and smell) on our products before buying. You can take the opportunity to ask us any question that you may have.


Question 4 : Do I always need to check with you on latest price and availability before buying?

Answer : Yes, we encourage you to check with us by emailing or messaging to us to ask what is the latest price and whether the product that you want to order is available? Even though we keep stock of most of the products, but sometimes certain products moves quite fast and we can be out of stock. That’s why we always say stock is available but subject to stock unsold.


Question 5 : What is your minimum order quantity?

Answer : We offer different packing sizes for different products:

For Essential Oils, we offer from 0.25kg to 1.0kg.

For Carrier Oils, we offer from 0.9kg to 25.0kg.

For Fragrances and Plant Extracts, we offer from 1.0kg to 25.0kg.

For Miscellaneous Products, we offer from 1.0kg to 25.0kg.


Question 6 : I am just starting, can I buy in small quantity?

Answer : Yes, you can buy in smaller quantity for certain products as follows:

Essential Oils: 4gm (5ml) to 80gm (100ml).

Carrier Oils (the more expensive ones): 0.1kg to 0.5kg.

For other Products, most of them are available in 1.0kg.