Our Suppliers

List of Suppliers.

We are representing the following well-known Suppliers or Principals:  

Augustus Oils Limited, UK

One of Europe’s leading suppliers of Absolutes, Aromatherapy Oils, Aroma Chemicals, “Augaflor” Perfumery Specialities, Balsams, Carrier Oils, Concretes, Essential Oils, Flavours, Floral Waters, Gums, Herbs & Spices, Oleoresins, Resinoids, and Terpenes & Terpeneless Oils.  


Discopar SA, Switzerland

Using only the finest raw materials, the company can offer Fragrance compounds of a quality that is high and consistent, with access to quality control facilities and the technical back-up required in the modern Fragrance manufacturing industry.  


Hangzhou Xinfu Science & Technology Co., Ltd., China

Is the largest manufacturer of Pantothenic acid series in China and a leading supplier in the world offers Panthenols (e.g. D-Panthenol, DL-Panthenol) for use in hair and skin care products.